Welcome to Astana!​​

Accommodation: A variety of accommodation options are available to tourists in Astana. Choosing a hotel in accordance with your preferences and financial capabilities in Astana will not be difficult; there are enough offers in all areas of the city, from inexpensive hostels and apartments to luxurious five-star hotels.

Transport: Transport for a tourist is an important part of any trip, providing comfortable movement. Each mode of transport provides a unique experience.

In Astana, you can choose the type of transport that suits you, based on your travel goals, budget and your preferences.

City pass card system: A single tourist card, which includes the best attractions and excursions of the city – https://astana.citypass.kz  

Food: Visiting local cafes and restaurants is an integral part of any trip.

This is a great way to get to know the local culture and enjoy authentic dishes, immerse yourself in the atmosphere and make new friends.

In addition to restaurants with local cuisine, Astana has a huge number of establishments of world cuisine, thanks to which every guest will find exactly what he likes.

Enjoy a variety of tastes and gastronomic adventures during your trip to Astana!

See https://visitastana.kz/about-city for details

Movement towards improvement: good age - good health

Take part in the scientific and practical Conference with international participation “State and prospects for the development of gerontology and geriatrics in Kazakhstan. From theory to practice”, which will take place on November 22, 2024, sharing your work with colleagues. The conference offers excellent opportunities to explore the latest research and practice in the field of geriatrics and gerontology, communicate with experts and colleagues, and expand your professional horizons. Abstracts are invited to participate in sessions and individual presentations in all areas of research, practice, policy and education in geriatrics and gerontology. Abstracts are considered for oral presentations (offline/online). Don’t miss the opportunity to share your work at the Conference on Geriatrics and Gerontology in Kazakhstan.


Deadline: 31 August 2024, 20:00 GMT.

Abstract Instructions

Please read the instructions carefully before submitting your abstract (available at the bottom of this page).
1. General recommendations

All abstracts must be submitted electronically.

The application deadline is 31 August 2024, 20:00 GMT. Abstracts received after the closure of the abstract system will not be accepted.

By submitting abstracts, you agree and confirm that:

·         if the thesis is accepted, it will be published in the conference book.

·         if the abstracts are accepted, you will take part in the scientific and practical Conference “Development of Gerontology and Geriatrics in Kazakhstan. From theory to practice". To confirm participation, you must register for the conference before November 1, 2024. If you do not register by this date, your abstract will be removed from the conference program and conference proceedings.

·          Your abstract will not be edited. You are responsible for any spelling, grammatical or typographical errors.

2. Presentation

You must indicate your presentation preferences.

The following options are available:

·         Oral presentations - 5 minute presentation with 2-3 minute discussion, maximum 10 slides per speaker (no animation), including opening and closing slides.

3. Topics of the conference sections

To better understand the content of your thesis, we ask you to select a session.


·         Prevention and rehabilitation of older patients

·         Management/treatment of older patients. Assessment of quality of life in old age.

·         Peculiarities of diagnosing older patients

Please note: We do not accept excerpts from research that received funding from the tobacco industry, gun manufacturers, or the alcohol industry.

4. Recommendations for authors

All abstracts must be submitted in electronic format (word) in Kazakh, or Russian, or English.

All abstracts have a 700 word limit. Title, keywords and author information are not included in this limit. Graphs and tables are not accepted due to production limitations.

Abstract titles should be written in lowercase letters, with the exception of the first word, abbreviations and countries. Do not use only capital letters and avoid using abbreviations and acronyms.

Author and co-author: You can specify up to 10 co-authors. Please follow the instructions carefully and ensure that the first name(s), initials, last name, department, institution, city and country are correct. Provide the full name of the organization and do not use abbreviations. Please ensure that the submitting author is also listed in the author list.

Presenter: The sender is the default presenter. You can change the presenter by entering a different email address. Please note that no more than 3 abstracts can be submitted per speaker.

Amendments: changes to the abstract are possible until August 1

Thesis Format

Abstracts should be structured as follows:

Provide contacts: phone, e-mail

Smith A. (first position - speaker)


Content (text) of the abstract (up to 700 words):

·         Aim

 ·         Materials and methods

 ·         results

·         discussion

·         conclusions

The abstract file is uploaded in WORD format.

5. Getting an estimate

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the conference committee. This proposal will be reviewed by reviewers and scored based on the following:

·         Does the abstract follow the guidelines?

·         Does the content of the abstract correspond to the main objectives of the conference?

·         Is the information sufficiently new and innovative?

·         Is the overall quality of the words sufficient?

·         Is the methodology adequate or sufficient to support the conclusions?

·         If applicable, is the study design appropriate?

·         Does the data support the conclusions sufficiently?

·         Are the results sufficient and generalized?

·         Is this information current?

6. Notice

You will be notified of the acceptance of your abstract by November 1, 2024.

Changes to the abstract are possible until August 1.

7. Changes in the author's presentation

The applicant is considered the presenting author and is responsible for presenting the paper if the abstract is accepted.

If the speaker is unable to attend the conference, another speaker may take his place.

☑I confirm that I have read the above rules and agree to their terms.

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